Monday, July 19, 2010


I just spent an hour writing an entry to loose it when I hit publish post! Well, so much for trying to update my blog, se la vi! Obviously it wasn't meant to be, and now that it's past 12 and I'll be up in a few hours I'd better hit the sack now... maybe I'll try again tomorrow... we'll see if I'm up for it. It was a goodie too... oh well!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just adding another!

This cake was for our relief society birthday party. The emblem is made from royal icing technique, the bees are made from fondant. It was a hit!

Here are the cakes that I've been working on these past few weeks. For some reason this seems to be my busy season, which I love and hope I will be able to do at least one every month. I charge $2.50 a slice, and would love to make something wonderful for you!!
So please contact me if you are ever in the need of an amazing cake that will wow your family.

Just finished this cake today. Made for a bicyclist, and the cake design I took from a napkin she had at her last party.

This cake idea came from the Wilton website, I changed it a little bit, painting on the cake with the icing colors.

Practicing my 'smash cakes' which I'm hoping will be a big hit. They will be included as part of any order someone wants to make with me, for birthdays.

Another smash cake that I made real quick, I had about 30 minutes to frost both cakes for a get together with some girls in the ward.

Babyshower cake made at the end of February. Giraffe I made from Rice Treats.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, is all I can say!

We may be sick, but it's made for some pretty fun picture moments.

Well, I wasn't writing about my problems to recieve help from anyone. But I have to say it really made my day. I think the hardest part about being away from the ward is that it's changed so much and I was having a hard time getting to know everyone already, and then with all the new members to our ward it was like starting from scratch, and within the past few months I haven't had a real chance to get to know anyone. So feeling rather lonely it was a wonderful suprise to have people reach out and comfort me during some hard times. Thank you Karla for bringing me Orange Chicken and rice. It was better than Panda... It was so delish! The crazy part is Bryson had run outside after his dad who was going for a run. I heard a car driving by, and didn't turn to look because I was embarrased about the way I looked. Well, too my suprise it was Trish Anderson! I dont' know how she found the time to make me dinner with all the craziness going on in her life, but it sure brought a smile to my life. So dinner tonight will be meatloaf, potatos, salad and chocolate mousse. I can't wait! Thank you to my friends for being there when I really have been feeling down. Thanks to my sweet husband who has been having a hard time through all of this.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A really cute giveaway!

GIVE AWAY! Last chance!
posted by Porter and Karla at optimistic obbsessions - 2 days ago

My best friend Karla made this apron and is giving it away tomorrow. So if you want a chance to win it visit her website!

Click on the hyperlink to enter her website. or:


When Everything goes wrong.

What can I say other than this has been the longest, most drawn out three weeks of my life. It all started with a cold from Bryson. I of course got that, and it lasted about four days... By the end of the week we were better and had friends over. The next week we find out that not only do we have this aweful cough and cold, but our friends did as well. For the past two weeks it has gone from Bryson, to me, and now to Kayla. Of course through all of it I have stayed sick! I feel Kayla has it the worse, she can barely breathe when she wakes up and we spend most of the day in the bathroom with a steam shower running. I can't imagine what next months water bill will bring us. I can't seem to get over any of it because just as one is getting better the next catches it and trying to be a compasionate mother and take care of my children I continue to be sick!

Now, you would think that we are at the tail end of this. I keep telling myself we are. I've taken Kayla to the doctors office and they say she just has to work her way through it and that she's doing really well. Were we at the tail end? Not quite, Bryson woke up Sunday morning and threw up all over his church clothes, and has had explosive diapers for the past 24 hours. Then last night we woke up to Bryson's crib completly covered in throw up, it was a long night... I've woken up the past two days with sinus headaches, and Kayla's congestion is so bad she'll cough until she throws up all over me. I've washed all my clothes probably two times over, and our sheets may as well not even be on our bed. I tell you what... I am so over being sick! I feel like I will never be able to leave our house again, every time I do something new affects our family, and we go through all of this all over again. The blessing is Branden has not been sick, if you can believe that. He's been such the sweet heart and picking up after us and cleaning the house, and making rounds to the store to get all those random items we've needed. Thank goodness for his health. I think I would just curl up and cry if he was sick too.

So for all those out there who think they have it bad... well, if it's like us right now, you probably do! All our love from the sick household of the Seedalls cave.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What a day!

Well, what can I say other than things happen for reasons. Not that we really know why, but it is nice when it turns out to be a blessing. Yesterday I made plans to go walking with my best friend and her neighbor. I was supposed to be at her house by 8:30. It was one of those mornings, (well, I have them every day) where it takes me a life time to get my head and body working at the same pace. As I'm rushing to get Kayla nursed, myself even just dressed, and my kids ready, I look at the clock and it's already 8:30! I'm not even out of the house yet! I grab everything I can and chase Bryson around the car to try and get him into his car seat. The only threat that seems to work is telling him that he won't get to see Elizabeth, Karla's daughter. They are best friends too. (Very convienent! Well, more like a blessing!) Anyway, I finally get him loaded in his car seat, and I have to back my car out and reposition it into the garage to be able to load Kayla in the car. I've tried just throwing her over Bryson's seat and threw out my back. So, now we do it the inconvienent way. Well, I'm rushing by this point, I'm so embarressed that it's taking me a lifetime to get myself over there. Not to mention my kids were still in their pj's and I didn't put on any makeup... where the time went, I'm not really sure... anywho, as I put my keys in the ignition and try turning it on, the engine doesn't turn over. OF COURSE! I tried three times, and with all the stress that was just about all I needed! I called Branden and told him the news, and then called Karla and told her the news. What a morning. I unloaded my kids and decided that we would just not do anything today. Branden finds out that Mazda doesn't replace batteries without a fee after the first year, unless it's a replaced battery, then it's covered for three years. There was a discrepency between the website and dealership, so he spent in total, about two hours, fighting with the company and finally won. We were getting a new battery. All the while Karla convinces me to come to lunch with her, and that all the carseat moving around would be worth it. Well, I took her up on her kindess, and moving all the carseats around was as big a headache as you can imagine. Thank you Karla! She was rewarded for her kindness. She opens her wallet, after ordering her food, and there were no cards or cash! I was trying to get them to move her order to the register I was at, when the manager, that was waiting on- her generously comp'd her meal. Wasn't that so sweet? Lucky girl! The best part was when we got back, put the kids down for naps, and we were able to sit and talk for maybe an hour. It's such a blessing to have special people in your life that go through the same things and help you to feel positive and even though we are super competitive, we're competitive for the good things in this life. We acknowledge it though, and hope that it will help us to uplift each other, and no one can benefit from it more than our families. Heavenly Father blesses our lives every day with special people, and situations to help you appreciate those things in your life that would otherwise go unnoticed. So all in all, when my husband came home to jump start my car and found out that I had just locked the steering column, and all that trouble he went through was in vain. I can find joy in finding my best friend, and stabalizing a friendship that will last for years to come. Dear Branden, my sweet heart, I really am sorry that I put you through all of that- I feel so embarressed!